Brolis prizes for 61st Open Readings conference announced

March 25, 2018. Vilnius, Lithuania. Kristijonas Vizbaras, co-founder and CTO of Brolis Semiconductors announced the winners of Brolis Semiconductors prize for best presentation in the field of semiconductor technology and applied solid-state physics during the closing ceremony of the 61st annual conference Open Readings 2018.

The winners for 2018 are:

Mindaugas Gicevičius for his work “Electrochemical deposition of conductive polymer polyaniline onto textile electrode”


Dovydas Banevičius for his work “Fabrication and characterization of high efficiency red OLED based on thermally activated delayed fluorecence”

MGicevicius   DBanevicius2018


Brolis Semiconductors wishes the winners success in their future endeavors!