Brolis records profitable 2017, expects to double revenues in 2018.

February 2, 2018. Vilnius, Lithuania. Brolis Semiconductors posted a profitable year in 2017 with revenues of 6.5 M EUR and expects to double the revenues in 2018, exceeding 12 M EUR. Company operates across three European locations with headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania, electro-optic system sales & assembly site in Larne, Northern Ireland and a recently incorporated integrated photonics R&D site in Ghent, Belgium.

“Brolis technology has been expanding both vertically and horizontally over the last few years and 2017 marks the first results of our strategic decisions made in the previous years. Having all the technology in-house, allows us to work in very different markets, such as defence, medical and research. I see Brolis as a very efficient company – we have a small but elite engineering team, generating over 350 kEUR/employee, which is self-explanatory. At the same time, we are heavily investing into research & development allocating around 60% of operating expenses there which is definitely not usual in the industry. Brolis is involved into very deep developments of extremely innovative technology based on hybrid integration of our proprietary III-V light sources with photonic integrated circuits based on Si. The new technology is aligned to be compatible with standard CMOS IC fabrication processes opening new opportunities for consumer market, firstly in the field of healthcare wearables. Our team is also very active in creating new IP, filing 3 patent applications in the last year” – says, Dominykas Vizbaras, CEO of Brolis.