History & Mission


Brolis Semiconductors was established in 2011 by three Vizbaras brothers – Augustinas, Kristijonas and Dominykas as a spin-off from famous Walter Schottky Institute in Munich, Germany. in 2012 the company attracted initial VC funding and built it’s state-of-the-art facility in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since then the company has been growing rapidly in terms of facility, personnel and product portfolio.

Company is present two locations with headquarters, wafer fabrication facility and R&D center is located in Vilnius, Lithuania and E-O system for defence & security assembly facility – Brolis Photonics Solutions – in Larne, Northern Ireland.

  • Brolis gets a second US patent “High-mobility semiconductor heterostructures ” issued as US 9,640,389
  • Brolis to supply advanced electro-optic systems to Lithuanian MOD for 3.5 M EUR
  • Company becomes a member of Epixfab and EPIC
  • Brolis gets a US patent “Semiconductor heterostructure and method of fabrication thereof ” published as US 9,472,627 B2
  • Brolis and CSEM joint project SwirSense gets rank #6 from 293 in EUROSTARS
  • Brolis wins CSindustry 2016 Innovation award for tunable SensAline laser
  • Company gets ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Brolis adds NIR product line based on GaAs/AlGaAs with up to 12 W CW per single emitter.
  • 980 nm wavelength high-power laser diodes available.
  • Brolis Photonics Solutions Ltd – Brolis daughter company is founded in Larne, Northern Ireland.
  • Brolis adds new products in the 2100 nm – 2700 nm wavelength range
  • Brolis Semiconductors introduces new SAF gain-chips in the 2000 nm – 3000 nm range for spectroscopy applications with 100 nm/chip tuning range
  • Brolis doubles the size of the cleanroom facility
  • January: first optically active wafer grown in the new facility
  • March: first room-temperature CW laser at 2100 nm demonstrated
  • May: room-temperature CW laser diode at 3000 nm demonstrated
  • August: 1 W CW with 30 % WPE laser demonstrated
  • January: signed investment agreement with a private equity fund LitCapital
  • April: start of construction of the fab
  • December: officially opened new facility at Moletu pl. 73, Vilnius.
  • August 9, officially registered Brolis Semiconductors


The mission of our company is to become a world-leading provider of infrared optoelectronic materials and devices. Our leading expertise in epitaxy of III-V materials and device technology allows us to offer a broad range of light emitters from near infrared to mid-infrared, covering GaAs, InP and GaSb material platforms. Our technology is driven by constant innovation and focus on details, enabling us to deliver custom product solution for most demanding applicatios from ultra-widely tunable spectroscopy to covert defense applications.


Brolis Semiconductors is dedicated to continuous innovation, always striving to be at the very cutting-edge of the technology. Since its founding, company received numerous awards and received a lot of media attention.

2012: Swedish Business Awards: “Young Entrepreneur of the Year”

2013: Lietuvos Garbė: “Accomplishment of the Year”

2013: BZNstart: “Spin-off start-up of the Year”

2013: Global Lithuanian Awards: “For bringing back international experience and implemented innovations”

2013: Preis der Deutschen Wirtschaft in Litauen: “Jungen Unternehmen”

2016: CSindustry 2016 Innovation award winner


Executive team

Dominykas Vizbaras

Co-founder and CEO of the Company. In the period from 2001-2003 he was a project manager with Klaipeda Ship Repairs Ltd, then, from 2004 he served as production and sales director in GKF Ltd (production and timber trade) and in 2007 he founded Brolis Timber Ltd., where he was acting as a Director until 2011. Dominykas Vizbaras holds a bachelor in transport engineering from Klaipeda University, Lithuania and a MSc in transport and maritime management form Antwerp University, Belgium.

Augustinas Vizbaras
Head of Chip Technology

Co-founder and head of chip technology at Brolis. His field of expertise encompasses the design and development of long-wavelength semiconductor lasers and quantum cascade lasers and III-V device technology development. Augustinas has BSc in EE from Vilnius University (Lithuania), MSc in Physics from Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and PhD at Technische Universität München (Germany). He has authored and co-authored more than 38 publications in leading scientific technical journals and conference proceedings. Augustinas is a member of SPIE society. Augustinas has 3 granted US patents and 1 patent application pending.

Kristijonas Vizbaras
CTO / Head of Epitaxy Technology

Co-founder and CTO of the Company. His field of expertise encompasses molecular beam epitaxy of III-V semiconductors, with a special focus on arsenides, phosphides and antimonides, where his innovations have resulted in a number of world-record devices, such as room-temperature type-I GaSb lasers down to 3.8 µm and extremely low-resistive tunnel junctions. He has BSc in EE from Vilnius University (Lithuania), MSc in Physics from Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and PhD at Technische Universität München (Germany). He has authored and co-authored more than 28 publications in leading scientific technical journals and conference proceedings. Kristijonas Vizbaras has 2 granted US patents and 1 patent application pending.


3-inch full process_2

Brolis Semiconductors is dedicated to provide quality in all aspects: service, products, management and client satisfaction with unmatched turn-around times.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensures that all our products are of the highest possible quality.

All of our manufacturing, characterization and packaging is performed in a class ISO 6 cleanroom environment.

Our production and management teams are dedicated to ensure the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Brolis Semiconductors quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

For the certificate copy, please click on the link below:

ISO 9001:2015 certificate 

We value our customer, be it a small company, university or a large contractor.

We are at Your service!


Brolis issued patent portfolio: US 9,472,627 B2, US 9,640,389


EUROSTARS 2 E!10051 SWIRsense
Project status:
Projekto vykdytojas:
Brolis Semiconductors ( Lithuania), CSEM ( Switzerland)
Project start date:
2016 - 04 - 01
Project end date:
2018 - 10- 01
Funded part of the project:
Funds used from the project:
Total project value :
740.862 EUR
EU funding part:
Project number::

SWIRsense  – Short wavelength infrared tunable laser for sensing applications – is a RnD project funded by EUROSTARS 2 programme. The project is run by a concortium of 2 partners – Brolis Semiconductors UAB, ( Lithuania) and CSEM ( Switzerland).

Project duration: 30 months

Total project cost: 740.862 EUR


Brolis Semiconductors, Lithuania, leading partner

CSEM, Switzerland, partner.

EUROSTARS 2 project ranking: #6.

Project description

SWIRsense focuses on the development of novel compact and cheap tunable laser in the short-wavelength
infrared spectral region (SWIR) based on direct interband transition in GaSb quantum wells for spectroscopy and
sensing. We will deliver a small-footprint low-power consumption laser module comprising advanced
semiconductor gain chip and external cavity opto-mechanical system with 100 nm tuning bandwith around 2.2
micron center wavelength with up to 5 mW CW output power for sensing applications such as biomedical sensing of liquid substances ( metabolites, blood analytes, etc.).

More details on EUROSTARS can be found here


UAB “Brolis semiconductors” MTTP infrastruktūros plėtra
Project status:
Įgyvendinamas projektas
Projekto vykdytojas:
UAB "Brolis Semiconductors"
Project start date:
Project end date:
Funded part of the project:
752 736,62 €
Funds used from the project:
159 873,12 €
Total project value :
1 630 888,55 €
EU funding part:
752 736,62 €
Project number::
UAB “Brolis Semiconductors” MTTP infrastruktūros sukūrimas
Project status:
Baigtas įgyvendinti
Projekto vykdytojas:
UAB "Brolis Semiocnductors"
Project start date:
Project end date:
Funded part of the project:
2 151 564,24 €
Funds used from the project:
2 150 975,54 €
Total project value :
3 073 663,4 €
EU funding part:
2 151 564,24 €
Project number::
llgabangio puslaidininkinio lazerio technologijos kūrimas
Project status:
Project completed
Projekto vykdytojas:
UAB "Brolis semiconductors"
Project start date:
Project end date:
Funded part of the project:
414 026,01 €
Funds used from the project:
414 026,01 €
Total project value :
944 402,8 €
EU funding part:
414 026,01 €
Project number::
Nr. VP2-1.3- ŪM-02-K-03-047




Job and Internship

E-O system sales manager for defense

Brolis is looking for a talented and experienced sales person with technical knowledge in electro-optic systems to expand our team.

Scope of position: international sales of Brolis E-O systems for defense and law enforcement customers.


  • BSc in physics is minimum. Experience in optics is an advantage.
  • International sales experience and track record.
  • Experience of sales in European, Israel and US markets is a plus.
  • Ability to travel 30%+ of the time
  • Ability to perform field-testing after working hours
  • Fluent spoken and written English


  • Highly competetive environment
  • Work in a highly technologically skilled team
  • Cutting-edge technology access
  • Competetive salary + carreer opportunity

send your resumes to : info