2M2DCM 2.1 micron DIRCM laser module


Brolis produces high-performance long wavelength laser diodes in the wavelength range 1.8-3 microns. Using our advanced capability of all-in-house technology, we proudly introduce integrated laser module 2M2DCM for Directional Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM) applications in the 2.1-2.3 micron wavelength range based purely on direct-diode technology!

Replacing bulky, inefficient and highly nonlinear fiber-laser based solutions, we present industry’s first direct-diode 2.1 micron DIRCM laser module with a fraction of a size and weight to provide anti-missile protection for airborne applications like never before. Whenever you fly over hostile territories – we’ve got your back!

As a infrared laser diode and E-O system manufacturer, Brolis offers flexible OEM module solutions based on your needs. We have capability to adapt your requirements in terms of optical, mechanical and electrical requirements.

Brolis DIRCM module is based on integrated multi-emitter concept which allows to reach output powers from 1 W to 5 W based on the number of emitters for band I countermeasure applications.

Brolis uses advanced robotic packaging and assembly infrastructure such as: high-end die bonder (Ficontec BL2000), wirebonder (Delvotec) and 6-axis micro-optics assembler with active alignment, lens attach and UV curing (Nanosystec Nanoglue) customized for access to wavelengths beyond 2 microns.

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  • Security
  • Sensing
  • Medical
  • Research

Typical Specifications

Physical properties
Min. Length mm ~25
Min. Width mm ~25
Min. Height mm ~15
Weight g ~30
Hermetic - YES
Electrical properties
Typical drive current A ~ 5 A
Voltage per emitter V ~ 1.5 V
Operation mode CW/pulsed CW / QCW / pulsed
Laser isolated from base - YES
Optical properties
Output power W ~1.5 - 2 W
Divergence mrad 5 - 8
Radiant intensity within 5 mrad cone kW/sr > 20
Boresight accuracy mrad ~1 mrad total
E-O efficiency % ~15