Brolis Semiconductors develops cutting-edge hybrid GaSb/Si laser sensor technology for next generation wearable and handheld devices. New technology exploits CMOS IC fabrication process technology opening opportunity for consumer market applications. Our approach utilizes “best-of-both-worlds” approach, where we take our in-house made high performance type-I GaSb laser sources and combine them with photonic integrated circuits based silicon-on-insulator technology on a single chip. Brolis was part of the joint with Ghent University to demonstrate world’s first widely tunable hybrid GaSb/Si laser in the end of 2016. Since 2017, Brolis has incorporated a dedicated R&D location for silicon photonics in Ghent, Belgium and is actively pushing a radically new approach for non-invasive healthcare integrated sensors technology targeting most important blood constituents such as lactates, albumin, glucose and urea.

Our sensor technology has several patent applications pending.

  • Proprietary hybrid GaSb/Si integrated sensor technology
  • 1400 nm – 2500 nm wavelength range
  • In-house design, manufacturing and testing
  • Standard CMOS fabrication process
  • Blood constituent sensing
  • Consumer market compatible technology

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