SPIE Defense+Commercial Sensing 2018, Orlando, USA

April 15-18, 2018, Orlando, USA.

SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing
Hear leading researchers speak about sensors, infrared technology, laser systems, spectral imaging, radar, LIDAR, and more. Come learn about the latest technical advancements, find new business opportunities, and collaborate with other experts working on defense and commercial applications.

Brolis Semiconductors will provide a talk on the latest developments of next-generation Band-I DIRCM lasers:Session 3:
Laser Diode Source Development I

Tuesday 17 April 2018
1:40 PM – 3:20 PM

Session Chair:

Christopher Ebert, Coherent, Inc. (United States)
Band I DIRCM laser based on GaSb direct diode technology
Paper 10637-10
Author(s): Edgaras Dvinelis, Greta Naujokaite, Mindaugas Greibus, Donatas Buivydas, Augustinas Trinkunas, Kristijonas Vizbaras, Augustinas Vizbaras, Brolis Semiconductors UAB (Lithuania)

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MANPADS are responsible for over 60% of total aircraft casualties since 1960’s. DIRCM systems have been deployed in order to counter the threat. DIRCM system requires sources operating in bands I, II and IV. Recent development of GaSb laser diode technology at Brolis Semiconductors greatly improved performance parameters of laser diodes working in 1900-2450 nm range (band I). In this work we present a laser diode module operating in 2.1-2.3 µm spectral band and capable of providing directional beam with radiant intensity value of more than 30 kW/str. Module is extremely compact, lightweight (<50 g) and efficient (15%).