mid infrared laser products & systems

Brolis Semiconductors develops a range of mid infrared laser products and system solutions. Combining the unique know-how in long wavelength material epitaxy and mid infrared laser chip technology, Brolis offers a complete mid infrared laser product line in the entire spectral range from 1800 nm to 3000 nm for most demanding applications.

Products are divided into four main groups: high-power CW multimode laser diodes, single-TE00 mode laser diodes, broadband gain chips and single-frequency lasers.

Brolis is a leading global manufacturer for mid-infrared laser products holding numerous performance records such as record-low input threshold powers below 10 mW, wall-plug efficiency over 30 % and single-frequency output power up to 40 mW with tuning range over 100 nm per chip.

Company has entire state-of-the-art technology infrastructure in-house: from wafer growth by means of molecular beam epitaxy to fully automated die bonding (hard solder, soft solder, epoxy), wire bonding and micro-optics assembly. This allows us to be extremely flexible to deliver your most-demanding custom solution: from single-frequency seed laser to high-power multimode laser diode pump module.

Typical mid infrared laser applications include: gas sensing, tunable spectroscopy, night-vision, surveillance, infrared countermeasures and industrial process monitoring.

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