High power near infrared laser diodes

Brolis Semiconductors develops a range of high power near infrared laser diodes and system solutions. Combining the unique know-how in long-wavelength material epitaxy and high-power laser diode chip technology, Brolis offers a complete CW high power near infrared laser diode product line in the entire spectral range from 800 nm to 3000 nm for most demanding applications. Products are divided into four main groups: high-power CW multimode laser diodes, single-TE00 mode laser diodes, broadband gain chips and single-frequency lasers.

Performance feature up to 12 W per single multimode emitter with wall-plug efficiency of 60 %. For more demanding applications, narrow-stripe single-mode laser are available up to several hundred mW of output power.

Brolis has entire state-of-the-art technology infrastructure in-house: from wafer growth by means of molecular beam epitaxy to fully automated die bonding (hard solder, soft solder, epoxy), wire bonding and micro-optics assembly. This allows us to be extremely flexible to deliver your most-demanding custom solution: from single-frequency seed laser to high-power multimode laser diode pump module.

On a system level, Brolis offers from simple collimated laser modules to complete perimeter surveillance systems.

Typical high power near infrared laser diodes applications include: solid-state laser pumping, medical, defense and material processing applications.

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Please, select a wavelength of interest below: