24XX nm SAF gain-chip


Brolis 24XX nm single-angled-facet (SAF) gain-chip offers wide gain-bandwidth for most demanding spectroscopy applications such as NH3, glucose, CH4  sensing. 2.4 micron mid infrared gain chip offers access to over 100 nm of tunable spectral band. SAF gain-chip can be used as stand-alone broadband source – i.e. SLD for liquid solution sensing offering up to 5 mW CW output power or as gain medium with over 100 nm tuning around 2380 nm in external cavity configuration. In proper ECL setup our 2.4 micron mid infrared gain chip can deliver up to 40 mW in single frequency with side mode suppression ration over 32 dB.

Available in TO-can ( see drawing ) and C-mount ( see drawing) packages. For more information, please contact us at info.

This product platform is based on Brolis proprietary GaSb type-I laser technology. Our cutting edge laser products are developed in company’s state-of-the art cleanroom facility including advanced multi-wafer molecular beam epitaxy on market’s largest 3-inch GaSb substrate platform. We monitor and control every process: from device simulation, wafer growth, chip fabrication, chip testing and final package. With years of experience in developing beyond-state-of-the-art mid infrared laser technology – we are able to deliver most cutting edge components to market.


  • Security
  • Sensing
  • Medical
  • Research


Typical Specifications

Physical properties
Cavity length mm 1.0
Emitter width um 5
Electrical properties
Threshold current mA 100 - 120
Voltage V < 1.2V
Optical properties
Center wavelength nm 2380
Tuning range nm 2310 - 2410
Output power (Littrow / SLD ) mW 18 / 5
Light emission angle degrees 23.3
Mode TE00