30XX nm single-mode CW laser diode


30XX nn single mode laser diodes are ideal candidates for research, sensing and medical applications. Brolis 3 micron laser diode features CW operatin at RT with 20 mW output in single TE00 mode.

This product platform is based on Brolis proprietary GaSb type-I laser technology. Our cutting edge laser products are developed in company’s state-of-the art cleanroom facility including advanced multi-wafer molecular beam epitaxy on market’s largest 3-inch GaSb substrate platform. We monitor and control every process: from device simulation, wafer growth, chip fabrication, chip testing and final package. With years of experience in developing beyond-state-of-the-art mid infrared laser technology – we are able to deliver most cutting edge components to market.

Available in C-mount package.

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  • Security
  • Sensing
  • Medical
  • Research


Typical Specifications

Physical properties
Cavity length mm 1.0/1.5/2.0
Emitter width um 4-5
Electrical properties
Threshold current mA 70-90
Voltage V < 2
Optical properties
Wavelength nm 2960 - 3000
Output power mW 5-20
Beam divergence ( FWHM ) degrees 15 SA / 65 FA
Mode TE00