SensAline-24XX nm tunable infrared laser


Brolis produces high power ( 100 mW+) single mode Fabry-Perot laser diodes in the region of 1.8 to 3.0 μm on GaSb. The Company has designed the first ever bent-waveguide gain chip based on GaSb, offering ultra-low <0.00005 reflectivity on the front facet and delivers unmatched gain performance. We package such gain chip with a TEC and current driver and then set the angle of a grating to lase at any wavelength over the 100nm+ range of each gain chip. This then gives single-mode performance and can be set to match an exact molecular absorption line.  The compact housing and high efficiency of  direct diodes enable simple integration into field deployable instruments. This is our brand new tunable infrared laser.

SensAline is a new tunable infrared laser product group featuring a high-performance Brolis mid-infrared gain chip for molecular spectroscopy, gas sensing and seeding applications. SensAline features our high-performance GaSb type-I gain chip embedded in Littrow cavity for single-mode tunable output. The laser offers over 12 nm of overall tuning around selected wavelength and has an integrated piezo for fine-tuning applications.

SensAline tunable infrared laser received the Innovation Award 2016 at CSindustry awards ceremony.

Typical performance:

Wavelength access ( with selection accuracy of 0.01 nm):

  • 1950 nm – 2500 nm

Output power:

  • 20 mW +


  • < 1 MHz


  • ~ 12 nm overall tuning
  • ~ 1 nm overall current tuning
  • ~1-2 GHz MHF current tuning
  • ~ 20 GHz MHF piezo fine-tuning

Side-mode suppretion ratio:

  • > 30 dB

Output beam:

  • Collimated round beam ( TE00 polarization)


  • CO, CO2, NH3, CH4, N2O, O2, O3, etc sensing applications.
  • Seed laser
  • Silicon quantum photonics

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  • Security
  • Sensing
  • Medical
  • Research

Typical Specifications

Physical properties
Package length mm 60
Package width mm 60
Package height mm 25
Electrical properties
Input power W < 1
Laser drive current mA < 200
Operating voltage V < 1
Piezo drive range V 0 - 150
Optical properties
Wavelength nm 1950 - 2500
Wavelength selection accuracy nm 0.01
Linewidth MHz < 1
SMSR dB > 30
Output power mW > 20