Brolis Semiconductors develops today’s most advanced semiconductor mid infrared laser sources for research applications. Available emission wavelengths span from 800 nm to 3000 nm for most demanding applications such as mid-infrared laser absorption spectroscopy, molecular sensing, atomic clocks, advanced LIDAR applications and solid-state laser seeding and pumping.

We offer a range of different products that are listed into two wavelength groups: near infrared ( 800 nm – 1700 nm ) and mid infrared ( 1800 nm – 3000 nm ). Each group contains individual wavelength groups that cover different product types:

High power laser diodes – multimode Fabry-Perot emitters for applications that are not too strict on the spectral purity of the emission but are more demanding in terms of output power. Typical applications include solid-state ad fiber laser pumping, speckle-free night-vision illumination, optical coherence tomography.

SAF gain chip – single-angled facet gain chips that can be used as broadband emitting superluminescent diodes or as gain chips in external cavity configuration for tunable spectroscopy applications. Typical applications are: mid-infrared laser absorption spectroscopy for molecular gas and liquid sensing, optical coherence tomography, etc.

Single-mode laser diodes – narrow ridge laser diodes with fundamental TE00 mode emission. Typical applications include illumination, frequency combs, LIDAR.

Single-frequency lasers – Spectrally and spatially single-mode emitters with narrow linewidth ( typ. < 1 MHz ) and output power of several 10s of mW. Typical applications include mid-infrared laser absorption spectroscopy, gas sensing, atomic clocks, LIDAR.