Brolis Semiconductors develops a range of laser defense systems and components for security, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting applications. Company’s cutting edge mid-infrared optoelectronics materials and devices offer unique advantage for most demanding applications. Our lasers and laser based systems can access from conventional near infrared to covert SWIR spectral regions targeting specific atmospheric transmission windows for long-distance, low-loss covert applications.

We offer products ranging from basic epitaxial wafer to full system module including the mid infrared laser, optics and control electronics. Brolis Semiconductors develops beyond state of the art mid infrared lasers with world record low input powers and unmatched performance. This makes them ideal lasers for security in field applications requiring long battery lifetime, light payload and operation in remote areas for extended periods of time such as airborne surveillance, UAV and covert operation behind enemy lines.

Typical applications for our laser defense systems include: perimeter surveillance with covert laser illumination, nigh vision illumination, targeting, difficult atmospheric condition imaging through smoke, fog, snow and rain, JTAC, JFO,  indirect fire observers applications.

For detailed product specifications – please, visit Brolis Photonics Solutions website. Brolis Photonics Solutions is a 100 % owned susidiary of Brolis Semiconductors, based in Larne, Northern Ireland, UK with a focus on electro-optic system assembly and sales for security and defence applications.

Please, pick the spectral region of your choice if you already know your application. If you are not sure – please, feel free to contact us for guidance.